Cochran's Stone Masonry Offers Nationwide Services for Historic Preservation

Updated August 6, 2008 press release

LINCOLN, Va./PRNewswire/ -- Cochran's Stone Masonry, a company specializing in the restoration and stabilization of historic properties, period inspired new construction, hand hewing, lime mortar and lime wash, relocation of historic structures, and construction using historically correct methods and materials is now available for selected projects nationwide.

Allen Cochran, founder and owner of Cochran's Stone Masonry, is a leader in the lime mortar renaissance and timber framing said, "We are passionate about maintaining the integrity of historic buildings and leaving a legacy of living history for generations to come. That objective can only be attained by the careful use of historic craftsman methods and materials." Cochran's Stone Masonry has been in the business of stabilization and restoration of historic properties for more than 25 years. The company has relocated many historic structures by documenting the building, photographing and cataloguing the components, disassembling, and relocating the structure to a new site.

Cochran's Stone Masonry is located in historic Lincoln, Virginia, and has completed projects all over the United States. Projects include Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Montpellier, and countless historic structures in many locations. Lime putty is manufactured onsite and is available for distribution. Salvaged logs and timbers to repair and replace damaged timber frames are also available and if new wood is needed, it can be milled to exact specifications. The company also builds wedged dove tail doors and mantels for the use in construction and restoration projects.

For more information, go to or call 540-338-1603.