Period-Inspired Construction



Timber Frame Buildings: relocation/reconstruction

If you are relocating and/or reconstructing a timber frame building, Cochran's Stone Masonry can provide you with any and all the services you need:

  • acquiring timbers or a complete building
  • documenting and photographing it
  • cataloging the components
  • disassembling it
  • designing the structure
  • mortising and tenoning
  • transporting the frame to your location
  • erecting it and fitting it out on your site

Our team also will:

  • replace broken, missing, or rotted components with matching material while saving as much of the original fabric as possible
  • when needed, mill new wood to the exact dimensions
  • acquire the wood from the owner’s property, if available, and mill on location with our portable saw mill

New Timber Frame Buildings

Additionally, Cochran's Stone Masonry manufactures new timber frame structures, working with your architect or builder to meet your needs. Our drawings illustrate where joints are located and how they are formed while scale models show how the building will be assembled. You can choose among many different varieties of wood or salvaged timbers, and specify the finished look, from hand-hewn to finely polished.


Historic Masonry Reports

Cochran’s Stone Masonry offers masonry reports to assist owners and architects in achieving authenticity in their projects.  A report encompasses:

  • a visit to your property and discussion of your concerns
  • a building inspection and sampling of mortar
  • a mortar analysis that includes a description of the formula for mixing the replacement mortar
  • recommendations on items that need attention and how to address them more effectively

We also provide onsite inspections to ensure your work is being completed properly.